Year-Round PROgram

year round

Our program consists of 6 recommended treatments during the year that will help your lawn achieve its greatest potential. Remember this is only a recommended program; we can discuss a program that would be tailor made for your lawn.

early spring
The early spring application will promote spring green up and recovery from winter stress. This application may include preventative crabgrass control. Broadleaf weed control will be applied as weather permits.

During this period of the year we will apply a balanced fertilizer to promote color, thickness, and overall good health. It may also include preventative crabgrass control. In addition to feeding the lawn we will treat for broadleaf weeds and surface feeding insects as needed.

late spring
Summer can stress your lawn. We will fertilize to prepare for the summer ahead, and also treat for weeds and surface feeding insects as needed. We will be watching for the early stages of disease. If disease issues occur, we will inform you.

During the harsh summer months your lawn still needs to be fed to help fight drought, disease, and insect stresses. We will apply a balanced summer fertilizer for these dry periods, and be on the lookout for weeds, surface insects, and disease. We will keep you informed at all times

late summer
We will continue to feed your lawn to encourage color, thickness, and overall health. This treatment is designed to encourage recovery and green up your lawn. We will continue to watch for and treat surface feeding insects and weeds as needed

During colder weather your lawn will need a balanced feeding to recover from the stress of summer. These fall feedings help prepare for the winter months ahead. In addition we will continue to monitor weeds, surface feeding insects, and disease